Online scheduling and automatic appointment reminders for your clients or patients.

Automatic SMS, Voice and Email Reminders.


Automatically remind your patients via Voice, Text Message and E-mail so they don't miss their next appointment.

View Taken and Available Times

Quickly determine what time slots are available.

Quickly Create Appointments

It takes 3 seconds to create an appointment. That's fast!

Mobile App

Use it on your iPhone, or iPad while you are on the go.

Customizable Messages

All emails, text messages and phone calls are fully customizable.

Customizable Schedules

Customize your schedulable hours, appointment frequency and length. Define your working days. Block vacation or unavailable times.

Get Appointment Alerts

Receive alerts about appointment confirmations, cancellations and re-schedules.

Why Practicaldesk?

Making sure your clients show up for their appointments is very important. Missed appointments cost you revenue and disrupt your schedule. Increase your revenue by sending reminders to your clients. Practicaldesk can send each client an email, a text message and an automated phone call.

  • Reliable and Secure Cloud Platform.
  • No "IT Guy" Required. You don't have to mess with anything technical.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics.

Who is it for?

Practicaldesk works best for personal or professional services businesses.

If you run a massage therapy office, chiropractor's office, an auto repair shop, a hair salon, a law firm or a dentist practice, Practicaldesk can help you make the most of your busy schedule, increase revenue and improve your relationship with your clients.

Monthly Packages

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